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Meet Barry

Posted by bbh

Here at Muzui we recently adopted a new pet. More specifically a beaver called Barry. Exactly where he comes from is anyone’s guess and how he got here is for the one, who threw him through the windows of our penthouse offices, and the furry phenomenon himself to know.
Here’s what we’ve learned about him so [...]

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Turn-Based Multiplayer Backgammon?? Get It Soon !

Posted by Christian Kock Iversen

Muzui developers, are working on our own turn-based multiplayer backgammon game. The game consists of a Java version for Muzui gamesite, and a Java version downloadable for your mobile phone.
The scoresystem ELO has been modified a bit, to better suit Muzui users - but the moves, features and strategies of the game are left as [...]

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Muzui Featured at

Posted by Christian Kock Iversen

Yesterday Don Reisinger, wrote an article about on
We were happy to see a large amount of traffic coming from TechCrunch, aswell as some positive feedback and criticism from the users/readers of TechCrunch.
Building a new social site from scratch, is not an easy task - so we try to listen to the users, in [...]

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Sep15 - Official Launch Date: 16.sep 2008

Posted by Christian Kock Iversen

16. sep 2008 marks the official launch date of
So far, 14.000 users signed up during beta test, and gave us valuable data in performance, usability and bug-search across the website. Bringing a community alive isn’t all that easy, thousands and thousands of webpages dynamically published by user interaction, along with serverside scripting and bandwidth [...]

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Troy gains popularity - new levels added daily.

Posted by Christian Kock Iversen

SpaceCowboy is by far one of the most popular games on  The story begins with Troy McCroy who fights evil cows, and does what Troy does the best: Runs.
The action packed, lasso swingin’ platform game has new levels added daily by users on - The game is activated more than 1000 times a [...]

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6 million downloads - Beta was a succes

Posted by Christian Kock Iversen

This blog is dedicated to all news related posts about So if you want an edge on the site, and make sure you’r updated with the latest news Canada Goose Dame and up’comings, be sure to check this blog out once in a while.
Since Beta, we had a massive 6.000.000 downloads worldwide - through [...]

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